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Florida St. Parks

Camp Helen and St. Andrews State Parks are very pleased with the Carpe Diem 365 calendar results! The Money Saving Offer coupon after January and February has brought 175 local residents to Camp Helen and St. Andrews State Park.

~Martha J. Robinson

Great Clips

I continue to be impressed with the quality of the calendar and the fact that the content is full of local flavor which differentiates it from so many others that I've seen. The coupon performance has been good for our Thomas Drive salon, too. In January, we had 71 customers bring it in, 32 of which were new customers which is so important to us. In February, we had 64 customers use it, and 26 of those were new. The total for first 2 months of the year are 135 customers with 58 being 1st time customers!! The key is to drive new customers in the door and then let my folks their work their magic so that they will come back! I'm cc'ing Alicia Perez, my Area Manager, here just in case she has other insights about the calendar's effectiveness since she is on site significantly more than I am.

~Lynn, Great Clips


Zoo World

There have been 42 coupons redeemed in the first 60 days and there were about 15 “seniors” that responded to the “Today Only Special” on Sunday January 15th to receive a 30% discount.



UPS Store

Coupons keep coming in and there many positive remarks on the calendar itself. Not sure if you have spoken with the manager of Olive Garden, but he seemed to like the calendar, mentioned it to me one day at lunch.

~Jo Ann


Don Hood Insurance

We have had several customers call and ask if we had the calendar, which tells us they enjoyed it and looked forward to the new one! Although I have not received but a few opportunities for new business, pleasing our current customers is very important to us.



Fatty Patty’s

I would say that initially we were seeing an average of about 15(+) per week or about 100-120 the first 2 months. Now we're seeing about 7 a week or about 30-40 a month. I think the calendar was a success from that standpoint. People are using their favorite coupons. It’s always good to see you.




Thank you for the calendar!! It is GREAT!! Whoever came up with it…they did something great. Thank you so much! ~Kay Whitty


Mark, Thanks to you and the sponsors for the great calendar.  What a great idea to have a local calendar with local info.  It will be hanging on my fridge all year. ~Rick Tutunick


My whole family loved the 2011 calendar and would like to know how we could get one for 2012. ~Amber Keil and Family

What a wonderful surprise! This calendar is such a great idea. The local pictures are delightful and what a pleasant way to share them with the whole community. Thanks for the coupons, buy one and get one, and the great discounts from local businesses that are included. You made my day! Please keep up the good work. I've already marked my December 31 calendar square to be on the lookout for next year's calendar. Thank you, again! ~Vicky Nichols


My wife & I would like to thank you for your 2011 community calendar. I recently retired and this past year we have been able to use the coupons, go to events, parades etc. thanks to your calendar. I hear that your calendars are limited so please make sure that we are on your mailing list for the 2012 calendar. Thanks for all of your hard work in the community. ~Lee & Sonya Heathcock


I want to thank you so very much for your calendar. I will use it and I will shop at the places that have let you do this. If I can shop there I will. Thanks again, I appreciate the calendar. ~Ms. Highland

I love the calendar with all the local events and activities listed. I really appreciated you mailing me one for the yr, 2011 and would love to continue getting one each year. I am willing to pay for it. It's a great idea , whose ever it was. Please accept my sincere appreciation. ~Donna Addison

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